LTO offers high-quality translations in the following language sets:

English > Japanese Japanese > English
French > Japanese Japanese > French
French > English English > French


Of Japanese, English or French texts
LTO can help you improve a translation that seems imperfect.

Transcription from video tapes/DVDs, etc.

In a second stage, the carefully transcribed text can be translated if you wish.

Fields of expertise

LTO has experience in the following fields:

Business (Marketing, distribution, economy, finance, accounting, etc.)
Emails, letters, resumes, newspaper/magazine articles, presentation documents, statutes, market surveys, activity reports, manuals, speeches, brochures, press releases, websites, instruction books, project outlines, financial/accounting documents, etc.
Legal documents, contracts, certificates, etc.
Technical documents (Telecommunications, computer science, electronics, machinery, biology, etc.)
Press releases, patents, advertisements, articles, manuals, etc.
Other (General, society, culture, arts, tourism, food, sports, etc.)
Newspaper/magazine articles, press releases, art reviews, poems, recipes, dissertations, etc.

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